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Learning to trust your Spiritual Master

Learning to trust your Spiritual Master
In writing this I remember clearly the first time I was asked to bow down the picture of  the master of the organization I was learning from.  I was involved with the Dahn Yoga system.  I was one of 8 Americans who were both interested in and selected as those who would go directly to South Korea to train.   The
group of students I was to travel with were spiritual neophytes on many levels including spiritual depth. I was the oldest member of the group at a young 38 years old.

The entire Dahn Yoga system is built upon one man’s enlightenment vision to assist others in awakening their energy bodies through  energy stretches and energy meridian invigoration.  Master Ilchi Lee Is an enlightened soul. He, unbeknownst to me at the time was quite a powerful soul. His organization had over 200 centers in S. Korea and about 100 in America. The eight of us were to gather, meet and prepare together for the first time before we were flown to Korea. It was during the 10 day preparation and training at Mago’s garden (dahn yoga’s training and retreat area) in Sedona, Az. that I first experienced practices to prepare one towards opening their spiritual channels and following a master.  

During this 10 day prep time, an image of this master was placed on an alter and incense was burning. We were all asked to bow down to this master.  Now it is important to understand that each of us 8 Americans had little to no experience with Asian customs and to the best of my knowledge we did not comprehend why we should bow down to someone who was paying our way to train in Korea for 6 months.

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I remember during this process that it felt somewhat cult-ish.  It turns out that it is not a cult, nor is any other organization that follows a TRUE master. I remember reminding myself while bowing down to this man that I did not know of my own rule about the receipt of unknown or uncomfortable spiritual information.  My rule is this: If I don’t understand it now, there will come a time when I will. When I do understand it, then I can categorize it as good or bad for me and my spiritual journey.  Until then, I make an internal agreement to set judgments aside and discover more.  I have found that this rule has served me well in maintaining my growth and being open to all possibilities.

So what did I discover about bowing down to a person’s picture?  First, and most importantly there must be clarity on the Leader/Masters ego. Is the master selfless or selfish?  Is the Master and his disciples and students representative of love and compassion or are they regimented, inconsiderate and limited in their thinking.

www.drsha.comBowing down to a master is an ego free choice that shows respect and gratitude for a master’s leadership and guidance. Bowing to their image is the same.  It is not idolizing.. if the Master has met the above criteria.  The greatest lesson that can be learned from a true Master is how to open your spiritual channels and dramatically shorten your permanent return to the heavenly realms. The Master and his image or photo can possibly carry the subdivided soul of the master. That master has dedicated to heaven and to you to serve your soul journey.  To bow down is to acknowledge this selfless act.  It is always the ego’s response if there is an immediate assumption of  a cult or cult activity. The ego senses a loss of control.  The true seeker of spiritual awareness recognized that the ego is the enemy and only a true master who has already learned how to purify and dissolve the ego can guide you back to the safety of heavens arms.

My 3rd and final Master is Master Zhi Gang Sha.  My soul prepared me for him by leading me to the other masters I have mentioned in my previous blogs. I am eternally grateful to each of these masters for their love, blessing, wisdom and guidance. Each difficult task they made me endure rounded the square edges of my ego filled head. Each of them prepared me to have greater understanding gratitude and appreciation for the hardships each of my masters have endured in order to be in the position to teach me.

I leave you with this simple wisdom. No man or teaching is the only way. If however your heart resonates with the wisdom and the teachings, then that is your soul telling you it is right for you. If your heart (not your mind/ego) offers you a differing view later on, then consult with your soul.  If you want to know more about your soul communication then purchase the book and start to follow the teachings and wisdom of master sha.  He is the preeminent authority on this subject.

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