Monday, December 9, 2013

The Spiritual Path- Eating the Golden Grass of Heavens Mountain

The Spiritual PathThe spiritual path is often filled with soft barbed wire. Is there such a thing as soft barbed wire, you ask?  Yes. But only for those on a spiritual path.  Barbed wire is usually put in place to keep things in or out.  In the case of the spiritual journey I find myself getting snagged by this soft version when I fail to do what is the known right choice for that moment. 

Each time I effort to meditate, practice, chant, serve, or any effort toward what will purify my soul and move me towards the divines heart and away from falseness. I am challenged by desires of false gratification.  The world of make belief is so charming that watching TV or the internet often seems a better use of time that reading, chanting, serving others, or practicing purification and self healing methods.

This charming dance of the desire filling thoughts seems harmless and feels so wonderful. A cup of Starbucks and a movie…What’s wrong with that my monkey mind says, as it justifies the wasted use of time that could be used to move me closer to finishing all that is needed to stop reincarnate..  Can you image that?  Never having to come back here again?  Never having to pay bills, experience pain, have a broken heart, work until you die.  Can you imagine staying in heaven permanently? 

master shaYou would think that the knowingness that this is not only possible but within reach in one lifetime would be enough to make me drop everything and put forth every effort possible to achieve this goal that every true spiritual practitioner dreams of. You would think that witnessing miracles daily, receiving the highest  soul rattling and enlightening wisdom and experiencing unexplainable yet profound life transformation would invoke a fiery desire to be done this physical plane suffering once and for all.

So it is truly amazing for me to witness myself flounder on a daily basis just to do the minimum practices asked by my spiritual father.  Can you imagine how frustrating it must be to be in the masters shoes?  Here he is feeding me golden grass at the base of the heavens final mountain, and yet the lifetimes of layers of darkness, old desires, old energetic patterns, karma and God knows what else contrive to steer me away to the false gold of the physical pasture. The master says; just do this simple practice, 120 minutes of your 1440 minute day. And you can rise above these physical world dramas and desires. And yet two hours can sometimes be so difficult to complete.

The Spiritual Path
To comprehend a masters patience to consistently pull up initiates when the initiate should be running up the mountain, is to understand a great masters love, tolerance and compassion. No doubt they have been the one being towed up hill at some time in their many earthy lives.  And now they are the one pulling on the reigns of the struggling initiate. 

I pray that someday I will be that master with that tolerance, love and compassion for the initiate that is struggling just to eat the golden grass of Heavens Mountain.

Thank you My beloved spiritual father Master Sha for you unconditional love and patience.  I will continue to strive and serve until I reach the top.