Monday, November 18, 2013

Experience your own Soul Healing Miracles

soul healing miracles
Soul Healing Miracles Book
How many of you have ever experienced a healing miracle? How many of you have ever witnessed one? What about witnessing hundreds, possibly thousands of miracles? Do you have any idea what this kind of experience does to a person’s belief system?  It changes everything!

I remember early on in my spiritual discovery years that I would hear or read about what most anyone would classify as a miracle, and I would ponder if it was just a bunch of bologna. Maybe it was a prank. Maybe it was real, but I didn’t see it myself, so I categorized it into the wait and see file. It never ceases to amaze me how much power I gave to my ego mind. To think that I felt myself so important as to be the final judge of whether something was a miracle or not is probably the height of arrogance. 

I have always had an “I will believe it when I see it” take on life, and I am sure that has inhibited my soul growth substantially.  One of my first spiritual teachers taught that there 3 kinds of people on the spiritual path. Those that see, know and trust. Those that see, know and question. Those that see, question, and deny. These 3 kinds of people dictate the speed of their soul’s growth. I heard this 15 years ago. How much time I have wasted; such is the nature of the ego.

Since meeting Master Sha I have witnessed a minimum of 500 miracle healings.  I was blessed to receive a
soul healing miracles
Master Zhi Gang Sha
healer transmission downloaded to my soul from this master.  Upon applying this healer transmission to assist others I have witnessed 100’s more healing miracles, and this time I was the vessel through which the healing miracle happened to others.  How can I every thank the Divine and my spiritual father enough for opening my soul & heart to for unquestionable  knowing that our beloved creator is not only real but there is proof of this daily in the soul healing miracles that this master has brought to mother earth.

I have been blessed to be accepted as a student by the most prolific spiritual master on the planet today. Master Sha is both a humble servant to humanity and all souls and at the same time a world renowned healer and N.Y. Times best selling author. Do you want a Soul Healing Miracle?”  Run don’t walk to the nearest store and purchase the newest book “Soul Healing Miracles” book.  This book is literally blessed to cause just that for the reader.  Humanity is very blessed that our beloved creator has so much unconditional love for us that he/she is willing to bring such a benevolent master to remind us of what is possible.  To remind us that love peace and harmony will prevail for all souls in all universes.

I love you Master Sha. 

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