Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why people do not accept Soul Healing Miracles

 I was taking a hike this morning and my brain was rambling along, jumping from thought to thought, when I hit upon one that stuck. Why in the face of 1000,s of Soul Healing Miracles do some people refuse to accept a Soul Healing Miracle and the teachings of Master Sha, his worldwide representatives and his students as a beneficial reality to themselves?  As I pondered this thought. I started to receive a spiritual message of  enlightenment around this subject. This is what I received:
soul ealing miracles

Every person from birth is raised to believe very specific things. That is right, this is wrong. That is good for you, that is bad for you. Boys don’t cry. Etc… The same holds true for our process of re-connection to our creator. We are products of our upbringing.

This is the only way. That teaching is sacrilege. Only Chinese medicine can heal that. Only drugs can cure cancer. Only Jesus can create miracles.  Only men can be the Pope.

If we were in certain tribes in Africa, only men can perform certain task. Men are allowed many wives, but women cannot have many husbands.  This entire world and the people in it is a accumulation of individuals acting separate because of their belief systems.

When a great Soul with a great message of oneness comes, it runs up against a person’s belief system. One simply has to look at great ones like Jesus to validate this truth.

So why is it that people resisted Jesus? Why is it that people resist another person’s belief system or a person’s choice of re-connection to source?  I was happy to hear the answer.
What I received in “flow” was that a human and their belief systems are in essence their link to reality. Each and every adopted belief is the fuel that makes that person capable of operating in their reality.   If that persons belief system did not receive the programming for having an open mind, a judgment free mind about observations and experiences outside of their adopted system, then that person has a form of irritation, resistance or suffering.

It is the judgment about something that creates the persons suffering and the irritation. The judgment rears its ugly head and is predominant because the individuals foundation, their very structure that their life was built upon is being challenged. This is where the healing and the resolution lies for anyone to grow and expand their awareness.  This is where the person who finds themselves intolerant or incapable of adjusting their mindset must look.  

Soul Healing MiraclesThe interesting thing about this observation is that it is will be analyzed by you the reader against your belief system.  Where will you categorize it? Do you add it, delete it, file it under the maybe file?  Each and every soul has at least one thing in common; we are all souls with the unique ability to experience life in the way we choose.

Master Sha, his worldwide representatives and his students are creating Soul Healing Miracles every day.  This reality will eventually be accepted as self evident.  The benefits to all humanity to come together as one will eventually become a world mantra. Until then I encourage all my readers to fully open to the awareness that your creator has sent messengers before to wake up humanity. Master Sha is one such messenger for our modern times.  To remain unaware of his desire to serve humanity with Soul healing Miracles and the message of Love Peace and Harmony could  potentially extend the length and amount of suffering of your own souls journey. 

In closing I wish to offer my deepest gratitude to Master Sha, Divine Tao, and Source Creator. For bringing such a benevolent soul to assist humanity in this difficult time of transition. Humanity and all souls are very blessed.


  1. ...this has been a question in my heart as well. Thank you for this Beautiful, powerful yet tender delivery...soothed my Heart and Soul...and now to send more Love to this 'Root~Filtering system' anchoring into 'reality'...Gratitude to you Dear Paul for your sharing and Divine, Tao, The Source, Beloved Master Sha, All Layers of Heaven.Thank you for your constant Love...( the visual i received was a Love~softened soil, where with a gentle hand the plant comes up and out whole~undisturbed, now able to take in fresh nurishment...Love~Love~Love~and more Love...Thank you again

    1. Thank you Lynnea, I hope Others resonate with the wisdom as well. Love you.