Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Paul Fletcher
Aloha, My Name is Paul Fletcher and I am a Soul Healer.  I had no idea what a soul was let alone a Soul Healer until I met my current spiritual father Master Sha.  This Master has without a doubt had the largest impact on my life than any person on the planet today.  It will take a lot more than this blog entry to explain the story that lead me up to this master.  Along the way you will receive tidbits of wisdom that he has shared with me and 1,000's of Soul healers worldwide.  I may offer you a video or two for a quick education or free healing..

So much more to look forward to.  Let me start by saying that Since I popped out of the womb I knew I was here to serve and help people.  I kinda lost track of that in the teen years but found balance again in my early twenties. I attended a four year seminary school in Scottsdale Az. call The Ageless Wisdom University Seminary. This was the beginning of my long road to being a 1/2 century old. Thats right folks. the big 5-oh is in December.  Scary how quick it comes.
During these amazing years I have been extremely blessed.  Maybe the best blessing is that I still have all my hair!

I would not have appreciated nor recognized the value of my Spiritual Father Master Sha if it wasn't for the journey from adolescence to today. My Soul knew all along what is was doing.  My soul is in charge. This is one of the one sentence secrets revealed to me by Master Sha.

I will finish this first installment of my miracle journey to find my spiritual master with a video of Master Sha offering the message of his total life mission


  1. Such a great sharing! I am excited for you to share more of your story and experiences with beloved Master Sha and gain more wisdom around my own soul journey! So cool!

  2. Great sharing Paul. Love you! Great to connect with you in person at Asilomar. See you on the cruise xx

  3. Yes, great sharing Paul. If your birthday is prior to December 21 we share a sign. Looking forward to reading more about your soul journey.