Monday, September 16, 2013

My First and only Soul travel Experience

Its coming up on Sept 30 . This date is very auspicious to my second major master.  This master was pivotal in my life for "rounding the square head" her name is Master Qinyin  I met this master about 2006. This was a time in my life after several years with the Dahn yoga and the training with them as a master in their organization. (that's a whole nother story)
Master Qinyin is an extraordinarily pure master. I studied and practiced her divinely guided Qigong methods for about 2 years and had attended several of her 3 day BIGU  intensive healing retreats. There is no doubt in my mind that this master had incredible connection to the soul world. It was during one of these 3 day retreats that i experienced my first real, unquestionable, connections to the holy beings in the soul world.  During this 3 days intensive we dramatically minimize food intake and maximize spiritual food intake. The unusual think is I was not truly hungry. On the 2nd or 3rd day of this retreat the master announces we will be doing soul traveling.  Sounded cool, but I had no idea if it was possible, If I would remember anything or even if it would work.

Master Qinyin, turned on some Chinese music and proceeded to hit a gong.  She told (7-8 of us) to close our eye and relax.  I remember the room was light and daytime.  And I was both unsure and questioning if this would have any effect at all. Anyway I somehow found myself awake as if in a living dream in some place that felt like the deep mountains of Asia.  The first thing I saw was a running water pond at my feet, as I awoke sitting on the edge of this brook.  I then stood up and turned around and walked away from the pond. The surroundings were lush , green and kinda of like a box canyon.  As I walked towards the temple like structure in front of me I walked up a circular platform that stepped up 3 times, then I sunk down those same 3 steps.  In the middle was a platform and on the platform was the figure of Master Qinyin.  I bowed to her (which I had never done before) and then walked to my left.

I started for the first time to observe my surroundings.  I noticed walking around were people in simple monk like clothes. The ones that were near me said hello or welcome, however they spoke inside my head. Their mouths were not moving. I looked towards the edges of the scenery and noticed that the canyon was glowing a golden hue, as if the land emanated this color naturally. the rock walls above the tree line had cave door opening in multiple places, and I assumed they were dwellings.  All this was very quick in the observation, the explanation makes it sound like I had lots of time to absorb this but it was all happening in a few seconds.

I then walked away and walked around. I don't remember much of this. Shortly I heard in my head its time to return, so I remember standing up and walking back to the podium I had first seen master Qinyin, and in her place was the Quanyin Buddha. This Buddha had 16 arms and with one of her hands she unrolled her arm and revealed in the palm of her hand a smallish iridescent purple sphere.  I reached out and received this gift from her and bowed to her and then as if someone new I was complete the gong rang out again and I came to room awareness.
Now one thing to keep in mind I grew up christian and had very little awareness of this Buddha, let alone her 16 arms, so when I came to I was a bit startled.

The people in the group proceeded to describe there experience , but only 3 of us actually had a vision.  This vision was so profound to me.  I asked the master what the purple sphere was and she stated that I was to discover that on my own.  This experience was so impactful in my life that 1 year later I was unable to forget the profundity of it. So I commissioned an artist to paint the images in my head.The picture above represents some of what I experienced.

Master Qinyin Is a pure master with a great desire to serve humanity.  The only reason I moved away from her system of enlightenment was because I needed brain food to go along with the spiritual wisdom.  My final master, Master Sha has helped me to learn many of the wisdom's Master Qinyin was sharing in symbolic form.  I can never bow down to her enough for her service in preparing me for my master and my current service to humanity. I am deeply grateful to her.


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  1. Dear Paul,

    reading your experience about soul travelling was most exquisite! It felt to me like remembering, remembering another time were soul travelling was considered "normal":

    Very profound!

    Thank you for sharing with us!